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Welcome to Pediatric Medical Supply, Inc

Nebulizers for Rochester, NY
Respiratory Products
Pediatric Medical Supply, Inc., also known as NebDocs, has been serving patients in Rochester and Western and Central NY since 2006. Since it’s inception, the care and treatment of respiratory disorders have been our total focus for all age groups. Primary attention has been given to asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other childhood related respiratory issues. We offer a unique set of products and supplies that are designed specifically for the pediatric population as well as products for the adult and geriatric population. We will give you the attention and personal service to assist you in taking care of yourself or your loved ones. We offer the widest selection and highest quality nebulizers available.

Pediatric Medical Supply, Inc also supplies breast pumps. We are Upstate New York’s only medical equipment provider with a certified lactation counselor on staff.

Nebulizers for Rochester, NY
We are more than a DME supplier; we focus on disease management and assist patients and families with compliance to keep their asthma under control. Our mission is to provide the best in products and services to each office, clinic or hospital and their patients, along with the training and education that is so vital to the care of each patient. We are able to provides a standard of care unique to the market to drive patient compliance, through our product specific focus. This is a key element in managing a disease state such as asthma. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition from diagnosis to treatment, whether it’s a nebulizer machine, breast pump or any of the other products we sell.




Care & Treatment of Respiratory Disorders is Our Focus

Other companies may offer a nebulizer, but our service is second to none and our products are the highest quality in the industry.